Company Profile

Modern Asia-Pacific Natural Resources LLC is located at the end of the Mississippi River, New Orleans City, USA. The Port of New Orleans' proximity to the American Midwest via the Mississippi River and six Class-One railroads makes New Orleans the port of good choice for the movement of cargoes such as Proppants, NGLs, LNG, Crude Oil, Coal, and manufactured goods around the world.

Modern Asia-Pacific Natural Resources LLC provides our customers super quality and super strong Ceramic Proppants and reliable services with competitive prices in North America.

Our well-trained, experienced and dedicated sales workforce has also built long-term relationship with prospective NGLs, LNG, and fossil-fuel buyers in China, and positioned us to be a best-in-class broker. We will continue to strive and work hard in catering to our Chinese buyers by raising the bar of excellence in customer service. Meanwhile, as a result of raising the bar of excellence in our servicing Chinese buyers, our producers, especially, NGLs producers, will be in best class in Petrochemical industries.

Modern Asia-Pacific Natural Resources LLC is an outstanding high-strength Proppants supplier and petrochemical feedstock seller committed to operational excellence, customer satisfaction and long-term value creation. Our core values are to:

  1. Honor our commitments and perform our business with trust, respect and integrity toward our Chinese purchasers, suppliers of North America, and employees;
  2. Promote a high-performing organization by hiring and retaining the most qualified people and maximizing their opportunities through personal growth and development;
  3. Provide creative solutions for our customers through utilization of our diverse sourcing capabilities;
  4. Provide best-quality Ceramic Proppants for our customers with a competitive price in North America;
  5. Be a golden bridge between prospective Chinese energy and petrochemical feedstock buyers and NGLs producers in North America.