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Modern Asia-Pacific Natural Resources (MAPNR). MAPNR is involved in the marketing of natural resource commodities, such as Thermal Coal, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Heavy Fuel Oil, LPG, Crude Oil, Pet Coke, Coking Coal. MAPNR is a bridge between the prospective buyers in Asia and natural resource firms in North America. MAPNR is proud to serve a wide array of companies in China and North America. MAPNR has built a reputation among clients regarding our service platform. MAPNR continues to strive and work hard in catering to our clients by raising the bar of excellence in customer service. The success of our customers' business is our pleasure. More...

Coal Reserves in USA

  • The United States has the world's largest coal reserves. These coal reserves range from lignite through sub-bituminous and bituminous to anthracite. There are 7.3 billion tons of anthracite reserves in the USA, found mostly in PA. About 90 percent of the coal in USA falls in the bituminous and sub-bituminous ranks. Bituminous coal predominates in the Eastern and Mid-continent coal fields, while sub-bituminous coal is generally found in the Western states and Alaska. Most lignite is mined in Texas, but large deposits also are found in Montana, North Dakota, and some Gulf Coast states. More…

Liquefied Natural Gas in USA

  • The United States is a top country of Natural Gas reserved. It is estimated that there are 2,543 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable natural gas in the United States. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) results from cooling natural gas to about -260°F at normal pressure and as a result of the condensation of the natural gas into liquid form. LNG takes up about one six hundredth the volume of gaseous natural gas, and about fourty-five percentage the weight of water. Thus, LNG can be very useful, particularly for the transportation of natural gas.

Heavy Fuel Oil in USA

  • In US, Heavy Fuel Oil refers to any flash point not less than 37.8 ° C, combustible liquid or liquefied petroleum products, either residual fuel oil (Heavy Fuel Oil,) or distillate fuel oil (Heating Oil). Distillate fuel oil not only can be directly obtained by the distillation of crude oil (ie, straight-run distillate), but also by the other process, such as cracking and then distilled.